Degree Zero: The Battler

By John Sage Melbourne

The Level One Amateur investor is most likely to experience challenges as they undertake their individual Riches Refine.

An initial task is to become aware of the idea of “money and wide range”. This involves the Level One investor forming a “ideology of money” and a “psychology of wide range”.

Level zero: The Battlers (non-investors)

The beginning point for finding out exactly how to develop wide range through residential or commercial property investment is the phase of growth we call the ‘Amateur Investor’ degree. However,before we explore that stage of growth it is important to be knowledgeable about a degree of existence that we have identified as below that of the Amateur Investor. We call this “Level Absolutely no” and it is comprised of the type of individuals that are a lot more generally referred to as “combatants”.

Level Absolutely no is even more of a ‘degree of existence’ rather than a “degree of investor growth” as this personality type does not spend for wide range creation,neither are they developing themselves to do so in the future. They are,to put it simply,”non-investors” participated in “non-development” of their wide range developing abilities,knowledge and perspective. They do not even consider the possibility of investing to develop wide range as they are as well busy “battling” away in life and with life. They do not think neither believe that investing for wide range is a genuine choice for them as they are continuously coping the financial forces in their lives just to stay where they are. For them,making ends satisfy is a literal battle of attention and initiative versus relentless economic stress and concerns.

Their ‘opponents’ are their costs that assault them on a monthly basis. The weapons they employ to safeguard themselves are effort,longer hrs,and the compromising of the quality of their life just to make ends satisfy.

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The 3 sorts of non-investor,the combatants

There are 3 sorts of combatants and it is important for you to be able to recognise each type in order to prevent being influenced by their “non-wealth developing” attitudes,beliefs and behaviours.

Each type of combatant has their very own pathology about wide range,money and investing. Each type of combatant has a limiting belief system that actually stops them from having the ability to get wide range and to climb above the economic challenges they develop on their own in their lives. To put it simply,their economic fights are of their very own making. Consequently,it is critically crucial for your very own economic well being to understand exactly how to determine each type of combatant perspective and to prevent embracing any one of their limiting beliefs and ways of thinking.

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